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Discover how Ective has transformed businesses across various industries through automation. Explore our collection of real-world case studies that showcase the tangible benefits, innovative solutions, and impressive results achieved in partnership with our clients.

Ective case studies

Few of our implemented automation scenarios


Invoice processing with OCR

Simplified invoice processing through OCR – Optical Character Recognition, dramatically cutting down processing time and manual data entry.


HR Onboarding process

Streamlined employee onboarding for consistent and efficient new hire integration.


Warehouse Documentation Automation

Enhanced warehouse efficiency by automating documentation for inventory and order processing.


Order Receiving Process automation

Unified and expedited order management from various channels for quicker customer service.


Lost and Found process automation

Improved passenger experience by automating lost and found procedures in public transportation.


CashFlow Accelerator

Optimized the Order-to-Cash cycle for faster processing and reduced manual effort.

Tailormade solutions

The previous examples serve to illustrate the diverse range of options available and are not meant to define any limits. We thrive on crafting custom automation solutions that transcend boundaries to meet your specific requirements.

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